Single Ply Roofing Systems

We are licensed single-ply applicators: EPDM, PVC, TPO & FleeceBack. Combine this with our experienced employees and you can be assured that you will receive quality materials and the best installation in the business.

Las membranas termoplásticas están especialmente reforzadas con un tejido de Vitrofibra, para ofrecer durabilidad a largo plazo.  Sus costuras son soldadas por aire caliente, un proceso que permite pegar las membranas formadas por un sello fundido permanente a prueba de agua.


EPDM Membrane


TPO Membrane


PVC Membrane




Membrane Fully Adhered System


Membrane fully adhered system.  It is installed as a part of the single-ply system adhered to the rigid insulation top surface , attached over any type of substrate to save energy.


Membrane Ballasted System


Membrane Ballasted System. It is a single ply system attached to any type substrate except that instead of
fasteningthe roofing components to the roof substrate, it is subject to the weight of the gravel.

Membrane Mechanically Attached System

It is a single-ply system which uses fasteners or metallic bar
to attached roofing componenets to the roof substrate


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