Other Work Activities

TCI  diversifies to other related work activities:

  Factory Mutual Requirement Jobs
Testing of roof surpasses FM Global I-160

   Sello e impermeabilizacion a traslapes de lámina engargolada

  Air conditioning metal duct insulation recovering
 and finish painting.

  Industrial & commercial Painting

   Parapet wall membrane covering


Instalation of industrial & commercial overhead doors.

   Instalation of Roof Walk Pads to access A/c units.

   Aluminium paint coating roof applications

   Membrane covering to A/C Units bases

 Installation of Roof Hatch  Instalation of roof hatches

  Skylights substitutions ( before)
Skilight substitutions( after)

  Elastomeric Paint coating

  Reloction of production lines at manufacturing plants

    Design and installation of steel made roof access ladders

   Design, fabrication & installation of window steel cannopies

   Membrane covering to chemical containers
   Emergency calls to seal water penetrations with PVC membranes to industrial plants.

  EPDM Membrane covering to water channels

  Instalacion de muros perimetrales a pared con lámina prefabricada.




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